Meet the Team





Office Manager and Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy providing our patients with service that exceeds their expectations. Dr. Betancur is an amazing orthodontist and our team members are the best at what they do. Ours is a welcoming and fun office, where our patients feel like family. I keep everything running smoothly, so our team can focus on delivering great care and creating incredible smiles.

Away from work, I love spending time with my husband, Jeff, and sons Tyler, Denver, and Wyatt. Of course, being with my grandson, Liam, is best of all! I enjoy basketball and time at the beach.


Appointment Coordinator and Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy learning about our patients’ lives and interests. Each person always has something new to share and I love hearing what’s happening in their life. The best work day, for me, is when we remove a patient’s braces: they can’t stop looking in the mirror and laughing! I help patients during visits, working chairside in the treatment area and scheduling future appointments.

When I’m not working, I love fishing and shopping. Time at the beach is always enjoyed, especially with my husband Jason, and sons Brandon and Malcom. Our family also has two dogs, Brownie and London.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant and Lab Technician

I love working with my hands. I spend a lot of my day in our onsite lab, carefully fabricating various orthodontic appliances. These are all custom made to each patient’s specifications and help move the teeth into proper alignment. Creating something that helps a person develop an amazing smile is very rewarding.

My home life is family-oriented. I love spending time with Oren, my husband, as well as my son Mason, daughter Maybre, and Rylie, our dog. I enjoy being outdoors and going to my church.



Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I’m interested in the lives of my patients. Whether they’re talking about their hobbies, school, work, or families, it’s always fascinating. We become friends and I love that.  I also love watching patients who started treatment feeling insecure about their smile and seeing their confidence grow.

My family keeps me busy away from work. I love relaxing at the beach with my husband, Jason, and children: Emma, Jade, and Kristen. I also enjoy shopping for good sales.



Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy getting to know our patients and parents. Every patient is so excited to be getting a new smile and seeing them grow and change during treatment is amazing. The day we take off their braces, they can’t stop laughing and smiling. I’m happy for them, because I know they’re going to love their smile for the rest of their life. I work chairside, assisting patients.

When I’m not working, I love spending quality time with Christopher, who’s my fiancé, and Camren, Carson, and Emaree my children. Living in Florida means lots of time spent enjoying the great outdoors,too!



Orthodontic Assistant






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